“Strategic, beautiful and above all fun”
Golf Digest
“Strategic, beautiful and above all fun” Golf Digest
In the early 1980s, Sven Tumba made his dream come true; to build a challenging golf course at Lake Ullna, just north of Stockholm. Today, the Ullna course offers perfect balance among soft shaped hills and ever-present streams – an elegant mix of Tumba’s original design and the innovative upgrade, signed Jack Nicklaus.
Every hole presents a challenge. From tee to green your golf skills are tested, over and over again. However, at Ullna the devoted golfer is rewarded both by the scenic experience, and the sheer pleasure of playing this icon course.

After a thorough renovation by Nicklaus Design the new, upgraded Ullna was inaugurated on June 8, 2013. The deep friendship between Sven Tumba and Jack Nicklaus was instrumental to Mr. Nicklaus strong personal commitment to the redesign. Jack Nicklaus and Nicklaus Design created a truly modern golf course based on the original layout – but with brand new tees, fairways, greens and greenareas.

First Nicklaus visit
Jack Nicklaus first visited Ullna in 2007. Together with Sven Tumba, he made a tour of the course. When finished, he said to Sven: “I wouldn’t change anything. The course is wonderful, filled with challenges and beautiful scenery. Sure, if you want I can gladly help with sandcapping and new drainage systems. I could modernize the green areas and make holes more strategically interesting. But the line of the track, I wouldn’t touch.”

Upgrade go ahead!
Three years later, Ullna G&CC decided to go ahead with the upgrade project. Sven Tumba took an active part, and was instrumental in involving Jack Nicklaus and his design team. Tragically, Sven passed away in October 2011, just a few days before Mr. Nicklaus’ second visit to Ullna. Now, Jack was even more determined to keep his promise to Sven. The mission was to upgrade Ullna to become one of the best golf courses in northern Europe.


Together with the Irish contractor SOL, Nicklaus Design’s top shaper Jerame Miller transformed Ullna fairly flat topography to a more rolling landscape, allowing Lake Ullna and its numerous streams come into play on almost every hole. Bunkers and green areas were rearranged and redesigned, small ditches became winding streams, ponds were expanded, a state-of-the-art irrigation and drainage system was installed, all fairways were sandcapped, and greens seeded with the highly acclaimed “supergrass”, creeping bent 007.
In June 2013, less than two years after the upgrade project started, the renovated course was re-opened. Jack’s promise to Sven was fulfilled 100 percent. Through the contribution, cooperation and commitment of all persons involved in the project – from Jack Nicklaus and his staff to SOL and Ullna’s own crew – a truly modern test of golf has been created.