Alf Lie exquisite and rare timepieces is thrilled to announce a collaboration to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the prestigious Ullna Golf & Country Club!

SINCE 1836
We’ve been making exceptional, desirable watches from 1836. Many of our earliest timepieces are still keeping perfect time today. Over the centuries we’ve been a trusted partner to many famous Swiss watch brands. If you want to know which ones, you’ll find them all in our fascinating archives. We’ve made watches for royalty, business magnates and celebrities. And we’ve done it with discretion.

After all, quality distinguishes itself without speaking a word. We’re one of the very few independent watchmakers left in the world. It means we’re free to follow our own path. Today, our direction is influenced by Steiner Alvaer – one of the people hand-crafting the Alf Lie dream.

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